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Breakfast & Workshops

How & Why do Expats Purchase Real Estate in Brussels?
Breakfast & workshops on 27 October 2022

Are you renting a place in a city you love and, every now and then, dream of a place that would be yours? But you do not really know where to start, how to screen the market, how you can close a loan, what investment would make sense in your position…

Then, our upcoming breakfast and workshops are for you. Please book 27 October in your agenda and come and meet:
Christophe van den Bosch, real estate agent @ Latour et Petit, sharing his insights on the housing market trend
Kim Uyên Pham, Mortgage loan and insurance expert for expats @KBC Brussel, sharing all one needs to know before closing a loan to purchase a home

Just register, come along and enjoy some coffee, croissants and good company...
Looking forward to seeing you there!


Bright Expats Office
Avenue de Broqueville 40 1200 Brussels

* 8h30: Welcome
* 9h00: Session 1 "Main trends of the housing market"
* 9h45: Q&A
* 10h00: Session 2 "How to close a loan to purchase real estate"
* 10h45: Q&A
* 11h 15: End

Bright Expats and KBC Brussels, hosting this conference, will be happy to welcome you with a delicious breakfast and make of this moment an opportunity to meet, exchange views and share experiences; the conference is free of charge. Only a now show fee of 25€ will be charged to people registering and not attending.

See you soon!


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